Brand introduction

Our Company has been confirmed by the ISO13485 Quality System(Germany TUV company), and some of our products has achieved the EU certification standard. We build a long relationship with America GE Medical System, Germany Siemens Medical System, Philips, etc. to come with their products since 1996, and the products is sold in China and overseas, such as Europe, America, Asia, Middle East, Africa, Germany, Chile, India, Singapore, Ukraine and Turkey, etc. we are praised by the customers for the high quality and the maintenance service. Hotborn is the appointed manufacturer for the Siemens Medical system and a supplier for their procurement list as well. The sale of the C-arm of America GE Company which comes with Hotborn products even reaches 96% of their total sale in China.

—关于我们 —

About us

Hotborn Medical Equipment Co., Ltd found in 1996, is a High-tech corporation that specially dedicate in design, produce, and sell medium and high level medical operating table, etc. we are the first company to adopt the aeronautic carbon fibre as material in produce the medical equipment in China. The main products are general series of Imaging Diagnose Table, Orthopedic Imaging Diagnose Table, Spine Surgery Imaging Diagnose Table, Urologic Surgery Imaging Diagnose Table, Microscopical Neurosurgery Imaging Diagnose Table, Catheterization Imaging Diagnose Table, X-ray Diagnose Photograph Table, etc.

— 仪器介绍 —

DH-10G Electric Orthopedic Navigation Imaging Table

DH-10G Electric Orthopedic Navigation Imaging Table is specially designed for matching with medical imaging equipment of Siemens, Ziehm, GE, Philips, etc. The table adopts the advanced electromechanical transmission system, combines the design idea of modern technique and humanity, and follows the trend of current medical technology. It also acclimates the special demands of using modern 3D and orthopedic navigation system under the orthopedic operation in international high-tech imaging machine, and can redeem the limitation of metal table top which causes the blind area for imaging. The carbon fibre table top and head rest without metal is a another excellent characteristic of DH-10 table. With low X-ray absorption coefficient, it can fully meets the 360°imaging requirement of the modern orthopedic operation which combines the 3D with orthopedic navigation system, and various orthopedic diorthosis operation under waist can be done with the traction. It is the best operating table matched with modern orthopedic navigation operation. The easy operation, choiceness material, and elaborated technique make the products catch up the international quality level.

Tel: +86-771-2516018   2516021
Working hours: 09: 00 hours 12: 00 13: 00 hours 18: 00

Add: No.8 Keyuan Dong Wu Road, Nanning New & Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone, Nanning, Guangxi, China.

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